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Sawblades – A Custom Blade May Be Your Best Solution

We just had a customer call and he was unhappy. He had a special application cutting paper and bought a melamine cutting saw blade off our website. He didn’t think that the saw blade he got look much like the picture on our website. And, since everyone sees things a little differently, we certainly weren’t going to argue with him.

We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This gentleman cuts a lot of paper and he had not found a satisfactory solution.

We talked to him a bit and came up with three suggestions.

First, was to have a cutting tool engineer call him and build him a custom blade at our expense.

Second, they make special saw blades called paper tube cutting saw blades.  We can get him one of these much faster than we can have a custom blade made.

Third, they also make devices called rotary knives. They are just what they sound like. They around, have a knife edge and rotate like a saw blade.

So the customer will keep the original blade. We will refund his money for it because the blade wasn’t right for his application.  Incidentally, he says that it cuts better than anything else he’s used.  He will also get at least one more saw blade free.

You may or may not consider that the guy is coming out way ahead. However he has a fair amount of trouble and grief. He also has a very serious manufacturing problem that he hasn’t solved yet.  So we look at it is doing a little bit to help him with this problem.

The best solution would have been for him to contact us originally and have us help him find the right blade.

We are going to make changes to our website so that this solution is presented more often and in a manner that is easier to find.

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