About Me Being an Expert

About Me Being an Expert

by Tom Walz

I do these blog posts and videos and newsletters and magazine articles and speeches and I sound like an expert. The legal definition of an expert is somebody who knows more than the average person. Since the average person doesn’t know a thing about carbide or brazing or steel or tools or any other stuff I’ve been doing for 30 years I guess I slide in under that definition.

My problem is that I know so many people who know so much more about different aspects than I do that I feel very hesitant to really claim to be an expert.

When I deliver an opinion, no matter how I deliver it, it is meant purely as my opinion and not as a divine message from the Lord on High.  I will give an opinion that makes sense to me. It is always with the understanding that it is just my opinion and that I am inviting discussion.

A great deal of what I say, that is worth listening to, has a huge amount of input from many others.

I do all these things because I do know a little bit and a lot of that it took me a long time and a great deal of work to figure out.  I was taught that I have an obligation to do things for the good of the industry and I would really like to help people avoid making some of the many mistakes I’ve made in 30 years.

Some of the problems I’ve help solve, such as tip loss on saw blades, can be huge problems. But if I tell you a couple of simple tricks, such as how to clean the steel and how to test the carbide, then we can eliminate all your problems in the matter of an hour or so.

I know there are many people who feel that you should keep all your secrets to yourself to maintain a competitive advantage. The actually makes a great deal of sense to me but it’s not how I was raised. My parents and the church and the Boy Scouts and pretty much all my influences growing up were really big on leaving the world a better place.

So I guess that, if I really do have some expertise in a few areas, it is because I’ve been privileged to get help and advice and education from a great number of people over the decades.

And, because so many were willing to help me, I feel a real obligation to help others.



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