Calculating Wood Shrinkage and Expansion

Tweet You’ve spent great time in picking out the right wood, hours laying out each piece and measuring twice to make 1 perfect cut. It’s finally time to begin constructing your masterpiece.  Everything is coming together beautifully.   Then, shrinkage!  Wood … Continue…

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Burn Marks on Wood

Tweet       Prevent those horrible burn marks in your routed edges my using the following tips!   Keep Your Bits Clean     Get in the habit of cleaning your bits when you are finished with them. I know this … Continue…

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Why Should You Use Vortex Solid Carbide Sprial Tooling?

Tweet So why should you use Vortex Solid Carbide spiral tooling, because some of the very unique tool cutting properties. Vortex Solid Carbide spiral tools create the best edge qualities of ANY cutting tool design available. Also, solid carbide router … Continue…

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Seasoning Wood

Tweet Maybe it’s the 5 straight days of torrential down pours that prompted this idea, but I thought some of you find some tips on drying wood helpful.  And, if any of you want to share some tips on how to … Continue…


Choosing the right wood species for your woodworking project

Tweet Species surface hardness When working with various woods, there is always the consideration whether we can substitute a less expensive wood for the species we are using and still get the same performance. When looking at a potential substitute, … Continue…

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Amazing Wood Art

Tweet We have always had a great appreciation for the things that woodworkers are able to create from some cutting tools and wood.  We stumbled upon a few sites with some interesting projects and incredible wooden art pieces.  Let us know … Continue…

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How to remove mold from Wood

Tweet Getting halfway through a woodworking project and finding mold growing is enough to figuratively and literally make you feel ill.  Luckily, if the mold has not been on the wood long enough to ruin the woods structural integrity, it … Continue…

Quarter-Sawn Lumber vs. Plain-Sawn Lumber

Tweet When picking out lumber for your next project, it is helpful to know what the difference types are and what the advantages and disadvantages are of each.  There are 3 basic ways that lumber is cut, Quarter-Sawn, Plain-Sawn, and … Continue…

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Wood Finishes

Tweet Why Finish Wood? There are many benefits to adding a finish to your wood projects.  Finishes help to protect the wood and can enhance the wood’s appearance.  Below are some reasons why applying a wood finish is important. 1. A … Continue…

How to Choose Wood

Tweet A piece of wood that warps, bows, cups or twists can ruin a project.  If the wood dries unevenly, it can cause uneven shrinkage or swelling.  Being aware of what may cause the wood to shrink or swell unevenly … Continue…

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