Metal Cutting Saw Blades

Tweet There are many Advantages of a Metal Cutting Circular Saw.   This article written by Gene Rodriguez, shows the many ways that a metal cutting circular saw is a more efficient tool for cutting metals. In the past, if you wanted to … Continue…

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Steel and Carbide tools

Tweet The way tools are manufactured and the materials used in the manufacturing process have a great deal in determining the quality of the tool.  Often times, in tools made of steel or carbide there are other materials added to … Continue…

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World’s Best Saw Blades

Tweet Are Our Saw Blades Really the Best The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of people making good saw blades anymore. Part of that is due to people such as you.  If someone does produce … Continue…

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Wiha Torx Set

Wiha flip bit Torx set Continue…

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Saw Blade Steel Embrittlement

Tweet Ripped and Torn Shoulders on Saw Blades Rarely, but occasionally, there are problems with tip loss on saw blades.  This occurs one of four ways.  1. If the tip is not properly prepared or if the brazing was done … Continue…

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Saw Blade Brazing – ripped shoulders

A picture of rainbow color from overheated steel Continue…

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Induction Brazing, Carbide and Steel Response Rates

Tweet Induction Brazing, Carbide and Steel Response Rates Got a call from an old friend who was having problems with a saw blade. The steel shoulders on the saw blade were ripping off as soon as the customer used them. … Continue…


Brazing Laser Cut Steel

Brazing Laser Cut Steel – an easy way to do it with 100% reliability Continue…

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Steel and Carbide: A Brief Overview

There are maybe 1000 grades of steel and a similar number of grades of carbidep_carbide. This overview features important information about steel and carbidep_carbide. For instance, background, different grades of both steel and carbidep_carbide and information about making steel and carbidep_carbide. Continue…

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