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FREE Woodworker West Magazine- While Supplies Last!

Tweet For the last 1-1/2 years we have proudly advertised our exceptional products in the Woodworker West magazine. The decision was easy- Carbide Processors only advertises print ads in publications that directly reflect our own values when it comes to … Continue…

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Oshlun Saw Blade and the No-Hassle Refund

Tweet Customer Service Done Right It’s kinda’ funny how we as customers (I include myself because I buy things too) get used to having to explain and apologize for merchandise that we want to return or get a refund on. … Continue…

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Bandsaw Blade Brazing

Tweet Bandsaw (Band Saw) Blade Brazing Six Easy Steps Clean and bevel the blade ends  Clamp blade ends to the fixture Spread the flux Braze Anneal Remove excess alloy Size of Blade With a very small, narrow blade it may … Continue…

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Cutting MDF and Plywood

Tweet Cutting MDF Compared to Plywood Both MDF and Plywood can be very tough on the cutting tools.  This is why it is important to use saw blades that are specifically designed for cutting MDF and Plywood.  Below is a link … Continue…

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$$Carbide Bucks$$- Save Now-Save Later!!

Tweet The Pr0gram Period ended April 10, 2015 Watch your emails for the next Earning Period! We have instituted a new rewards program called Carbide Bucks! This is a great way for registered customers to earn $Carbide Bucks$ towards future … Continue…

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Saw Blades for specific applications

Tweet Some laminates and acrylics have a “filler” in it to save on costs.  The filler is generally a clay so you are cutting through very fine rocks.  That is hard on blades. Some acrylics, laminate, plastics in general are harder and more … Continue…

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Sawfilers, a Dying Trade?

Tweet What is a Sawfiler, who are they, what do they do and why is the trade slowly dying? The best response to these questions is to quote Thomas Walz: “Sawfilers design, build, repair and maintain ultra-precision tools and make … Continue…

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Why Do Saw Blades Scream

Tweet  It does not happen very often.  Nobody likes it.  It really is not anybody’s fault, but some saw blades just scream on some machines.  Sometimes a good saw shop can retention the blade and solve the problems.  Maybe once … Continue…

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Finding the Best Tools

Tweet When looking at the game of pool, we all know that the precision of the cue is extremely important. We all want some thing that’s going to last, hold up, and not become warped. We want perfection. When Keith … Continue…

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Ripped and Torn Shoulders on a Saw Blade- Part 3

Tweet In our last blog, Ripped and Torn Shoulders  on a saw blade- Part 2, we introduced the problem and gave some insight from some very knowledgeable saw filers on why the problem with ripped and torn shoulders may have … Continue…

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