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Smelly tools stinking up your tool box?

Tweet Have you ever gone to your trusty tool box to grab a tool and found yourself wondering, what on earth is that awful smell?  If so, you are not alone. After doing some research and reading many forum posts, … Continue…

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Setting Up Your Shop- Choosing Your Space

Tweet Attic Shop Woodworking virtually demands its own space. The materials needed are bulky and the necessary power tools are fairly big. And since most projects are completed over a period of days, weeks and months (maybe even years), they’ll … Continue…

Super Scraper- New Favorite Tool- South Main Auto Repair

Tweet Wow, the Super Scraper has done it again! I can’t think of a more universal tool then the Super Scraper. A Made in the U.S.A. multi purpose carbide edge( our Super C carbide) scraping tool designed for use by mechanics, … Continue…

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Klein Tools- Made in the USA Professional Tools

Tweet Since 1857, Klein Tools has manufactured tools with the highest quality materials, superior workmanship all made in the USA. Klein Tools continues to invest in U.S. manufacturing and is committed to maintaining its place as the #1 choice for electricians … Continue…

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Real People, Real Problems & Real Solutions- Super Scraper

Tweet                      There has been a lot of excitement over the quality and durability of the Super Scraper. A Made in the U.S.A. multi purpose carbide edge scraping tool designed for use … Continue…

Donation to the Middle School Robotics Team

Tweet Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future.  Tom, the owner of Carbide Processors, firmly believes this and is always more than happy to help and invest in our youth. About a year ago, we had received an email asking for help … Continue…

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Chapman MFG- American Made Handtools & Sets

Tweet   We are happy to announce our new partnership with Chapman Manufacturing (Chapman Tools) located in Durham, Connecticut. John Chapman started the business in his garage during the Great Depression in 1936. Probably not the most ideal time for … Continue…

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They Call Him the Wrench Man

Tweet We are always looking for ways to make cool stuff with out tools. But, how about making cool stuff out of tools! A scupltor in Australia has found a new life for old, rusted  wrenches that  would give Michelangelo Buonarroti a … Continue…

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Difference between a cordless drill and an Impact driver

Tweet Both cordless drills/drivers and impact drivers can be used for similar jobs, but there are some key differences.  A Cordless drill applies constant torque and tends to have a wide range of uses.  Cordless drills have a keyless chuck … Continue…

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Quick Change Router Chuck

Tweet The Best and Easiest way to change out your router bits! Quick change router chucks offered by Whiteside are the way to go for pain-free, fast change out-out without using the 50+ wrenches you have! The Quick change router chuck features … Continue…

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