Allen wrenches

Donation to the Middle School Robotics Team

Tweet Today’s youth is tomorrow’s future.  Tom, the owner of Carbide Processors, firmly believes this and is always more than happy to help and invest in our youth. About a year ago, we had received an email asking for help … Continue…

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They Call Him the Wrench Man

Tweet We are always looking for ways to make cool stuff with out tools. But, how about making cool stuff out of tools! A scupltor in Australia has found a new life for old, rusted  wrenches that  would give Michelangelo Buonarroti a … Continue…

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Quick Change Router Chuck

Tweet The Best and Easiest way to change out your router bits! Quick change router chucks offered by Whiteside are the way to go for pain-free, fast change out-out without using the 50+ wrenches you have! The Quick change router chuck features … Continue…

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Allen Wrenches

Tweet I found this old set of Allen wrenches. I’d forgotten I even owned it. I was rooting through some old tools looking for stuff to give my grandson Max for his fifth birthday.  These are genuine Allen wrenches made … Continue…

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Insert bits and hand tool wear

Good tools are cheaper than ruined work or rework in overtime


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Manufacturing Maintenance Hero Bondhus

Top quality hand tools from bondhus and Felo really help with manufacturing maintenance Continue…

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Complete, 80 pc., Electricians Tool Kit

Complete, 80 pc., Electricians Tool Kit over 50% off Continue…

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Hex Bits And Hex Keys

The difference between hex bits and hex keys Continue…

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Hex Wrenches For Quick Shipment

hex keys, L wrenches, allen wrenches or hex wrenches for quick shipment Continue…

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