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Bondhus hand tools are a huge help in manufacturing maintenance.

Bondhus hex head wrench

Bondhus hex head wrench

The last couple weeks we have been rebuilding equipment. I have been in the business 30 years and have a pretty good idea what can go wrong.  What can go wrong is everything, of course.

We have some belt, brazing ovens.  The flights needed to be replaced and I decided to replace the chain as well. I had the supplier come out here and I sent them back with one of the old chains to make absolutely sure I got exactly the same thing. Instead they sold me a standard length chain that was too long.

The 1/8 inch holes on the flights came in undersized and had to be drilled out. Someone had put together a set of tubular elements with a nut missing so we had to rebuild those as well. Those of you that have been doing this a while know that you have to plan for everything and anything to go wrong.

I’ve always like to have the right tools and parts on hand for situations such as this. Bondhus hand tools have been a big help through this whole manufacturing maintenance and rebuild.

It is truly a joy to have a high-quality tool that fits into the hole easily and well. Some of the fittings were inside an oven and had been there for years running at about 1600 Fahrenheit day after day after day and become solidly attached to other parts. This is where I really appreciated the quality of the steel in Bondhus because I was reefing on the tools with both hands.

Felo, strong, sure, tough pliers

Felo tough Pliers

Over 30 years I have made a lot of mistakes and even learned some things from them. Two things I am absolutely certain about is the need for high quality hand tools that you can really use hard. It seems to me that when I really, really need a tool because something is shut down and production is suffering odds are really good that I’m going to use that tool pretty hard to get the broken part out.  The second thing I’ve learned for sure is the wonder and beauty of clear plastic bags that zip shut and that have a white block you can write on.  When I’m working on something, the parts immediately go into a plastic bag that gets labeled with the project ID such as 8 x 32 machine screws for conveyor five.

There is one more thing I’ve learned and that is that, no matter how careful you are, things will go wrong with the parts you order.

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