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Top 23 Reasons to Filter Coolant

Tweet Does Filtering Machine Coolant Really Matter?   Coolant Filtering Works  It Saves You Money  Filtering grinding coolant is just like filtering the oil in your car.  Dirty oil and dirty coolants wear out the equipment. Increase Machine Life – … Continue…

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Importance of Machine Coolant Management

Tweet A great number of industrial processes such as grinding, milling and turning create heat and particles.  Machine coolants are used to keep the work surface cool and to carry away chips and particles.  Filtering Machine Coolant traps the small particles that … Continue…

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Filtration Systems and Supplies

Tweet Would you buy a new car or truck and never change it’s oil?  If you did change it’s oil, would you drive it without changing the filter?  Filtering your machine coolant can improve quality of work in the shop, create … Continue…

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Machine Coolant

Tweet The primary function of machine coolant is temperature control through cooling and lubrication.  Application of machine coolant also improves the quality of the work piece by continually removing metal fines and cuttings from the tool and cutting zone.  Metal‑removal … Continue…

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Solving a Common Filter Coolant Problem

Tweet All grinders have a bit of oil or grease in the sump.  Sometimes this oil or light grease is agitated with air and can get whipped into a butter-like consistency.  Once the oil or grease is in this butter-like … Continue…

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Custom Machines- Standard Parts

Tweet When we get a chance to design and build custom machines, like our custom machine coolant filter units, we like to use standard parts.  We believe in designing and building custom machines like ones that we would want to … Continue…

How to Use a Refractometer

Refractometers work on clear liquids, not cloudy. Continue…

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Masks For Coolant Mist

Masks are not the best way to handle coolant mist. If you have to use them put a face shield in front of them and change masks frequently. Continue…


Ph and Cobalt in Machine Coolant for Carbide Saw Grinding

Tweet Ph and Cobalt in coolant Had a call today about pH in coolant.  Customer wanted to know what it was and why it was important. The concentration and pH of the coolant is specific to the coolant you use … Continue…

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