Tungsten Carbide

Importance of Machine Coolant Management

Tweet A great number of industrial processes such as grinding, milling and turning create heat and particles.  Machine coolants are used to keep the work surface cool and to carry away chips and particles.  Filtering Machine Coolant traps the small particles that … Continue…

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Tungsten Carbide and Magnetism

Tweet What is most commonly referred to as tungsten carbide is actually tungsten carbide grains cemented together with another metal material.  The metal that cements or binds the tungsten carbide grains is typically cobalt.  Nickel, nickel-chrome alloys, and iron can … Continue…


Differences in Braze Alloys

Tweet Effects Of Different Braze Alloys In the late 1980s the government really cracked down on cadmium in braze alloy.  The Bag-3 braze alloy had been the standard.  The industry switched to a 50% silver braze alloy without cadmium and … Continue…

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Tungsten Carbide Prices

Tungsten Carbide Prices – Why they have jumped so much, so fast Continue…

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How to Design Carbide Parts

Sample Parts Can Really Speed up a Project

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How to Buy Custom Carbide Parts

How to Buy Custom Carbide Parts. Prototype Parts Can Be an Excellent Investment

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How to Braze Tungsten Carbide – Surface Preparation

How to Braze Tungsten Carbide – Three methods of Surface Preparation Continue…

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We Buy And Sell Carbide!

Tweet Heck, it’s right in our name! We recently received 20 cases of carbide scrap from Universal Saw Company in California.  These boxes were packaged like they were going to the moon.  Mr. Nostrand used medium flat rate boxes that … Continue…

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Price Difference Between Carbide And Steel Wear Parts

Tweet Much of the price difference is an issue of materials. Tungsten carbide is primarily tungsten with a few percent cobalt. Any steel has a really high percentage of iron. Iron is much, much cheaper than tungsten or cobalt. Steel, … Continue…

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