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scrap carbide in USPS boxes for cheap shipping

scrap carbide in USPS boxes for cheap shipping

We recently received 20 cases of carbide scrap from Universal Saw Company in California.  These boxes were packaged like they were going to the moon.  Mr. Nostrand used medium flat rate boxes that cost $10.85 each to ship.

He had about 30 pounds of carbide in each one.  The packaging was beautifully done.  He used some scrap hardboard or thin plywood top and bottom inside the box.  The scrap carbide was double bagged in gallon Ziplocs.  The whole thing was cushioned with crumpled paper which works a lot better than peanuts.

We received these 20 boxes and two more later. All 22 were in great shape inside. They were pretty beat up outside. The cardboard was scratched and crumpled, but the packaging was so well done that not a single tip was lost.

This was an expensive shipment and we were very grateful that Mr. Nostrand took the time to wrap them so well.

Speaking of carbide, many of you know that recent changes by one supplier in the carbide industry have caused a lot of disruption.

We get as many as several calls a day from people who are desperate to find carbide.

We saw this coming a year or so ago. We have greatly increased our carbide inventory here. We have worked with our suppliers to have them increase their inventory and to arrange for fast shipment to us or directly to our customers.

As always, we maintain a long list of carbide suppliers around the world.

We also buy carbide scrap for 8$ a pound or more.  You can call us for a quote at 1800 346-8274.  Just make sure you package well!

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