Choosing the Right Collet

Tweet For CNC Tooling it may be a little tricky figuring out which collet you need for your machine.  Almost all Collets have a distinct Length and Diameter.  Measuring the length of the desired collet can really help to point you in … Continue…

Quick Change Router Chuck

Tweet The Best and Easiest way to change out your router bits! Quick change router chucks offered by Whiteside are the way to go for pain-free, fast change out-out without using the 50+ wrenches you have! The Quick change router chuck features … Continue…

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Choosing the Right Collet

Tweet There are many different types of collets and it can be difficult to know which one you need to fit your machine.  The easiest way to find what type of collet you need to fit your machine is to … Continue…

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How to extend the life of you cutting tools

Tweet The life of your cutting tools depends on the care and consideration you take with them.  Checking and changing tool holders and collets when needed can drastically increase the life of your cutting tools.  Many of the new CNC machines have … Continue…

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For longer life out of your tool holders, think small…

Tweet For Safety and lengthening the life of your tool holders, think small… Collet nuts may seem like a small thing, but they play a big role in keeping the tool holder accurate and balanced while machining.  Many manufacturers use … Continue…

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How to get the proper tightness for collets on router bits.

Tweet How do you know how tight to make the router collets so that the router bit wont slip, but the router collet is not too tight to where it is too hard to loosen when you need to remove the … Continue…

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Why it’s important to change your Router Collets

Tweet Why is it so important to change your collets?  Router Collets should be changed about 2-3 times a year.  Remembering to change your collets is a fairly inexpensive way to greatly increase the tool life on your machines.  Here … Continue…

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April is Collet Month!

Southeast Tool has declared April, collet month to raise awareness on the importance of replacing your collets two to three times a year. The most common questions Southeast Tool receives at their factory are related to broken tools, and most of the times these can be prevented. Continue…

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