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FREE Woodworker West Magazine- While Supplies Last!

Tweet For the last 1-1/2 years we have proudly advertised our exceptional products in the Woodworker West magazine. The decision was easy- Carbide Processors only advertises print ads in publications that directly reflect our own values when it comes to … Continue…

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Southeast Tool- One of everything Sale!!!

Tweet It’s that time of year again, and a little Holiday Spirit has put the boss in a pretty good mood.  In fact, it’s put him in a $128,059.95 dollars good mood!  That’s right, Buy one of our Exclusive Southeast … Continue…

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Choosing the Right Router Bit

Tweet Choosing the Right Router Bit When choosing a router bit, there are several things to consider to get the most value for your money. Here are some tips to choose a quality Router Bit:   Router Bit Shank Size … Continue…

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Quick Change Router Chuck

Tweet The Best and Easiest way to change out your router bits! Quick change router chucks offered by Whiteside are the way to go for pain-free, fast change out-out without using the 50+ wrenches you have! The Quick change router chuck features … Continue…

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Inspecting a Router Bit

Tweet Inspecting a Router Bit                                           First, just pick the bit up and look at it.  Does it look even and … Continue…

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Whiteside Router Bit Review- #1376B

Tweet Brian Kent, a grandfather posted to sawmill creek asking for recommendations on Whiteside router bits to build a custom high-chair for his grandson. He couldn’t decide if he should buy a bowl and tray bit or a round nose core … Continue…

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American Made Router Bits

Tweet The other day Tom posted an answer to a question on the SawMill Creek website.  A gentleman asked his fellow woodworking community their opinion on  quality router bits. Like any woodworker he needed good quality at a fair price, preferably American … Continue…

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Burn Marks on Wood

Tweet       Prevent those horrible burn marks in your routed edges my using the following tips!   Keep Your Bits Clean     Get in the habit of cleaning your bits when you are finished with them. I know this … Continue…

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Why Are There So Many Router Bits?

Tweet If you have ever done any type of wood work you have encountered the wide world of router bits. Router bits range in shape, size, style and vary depending on application; when you visit the local store you will … Continue…

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How to get the best cuts from your router bits

Tweet I am sure almost everyone who has ever used router bits has gotten a bad cut at one point and time. The first to get blamed is usually the bit. Now while it is quite possible that it may … Continue…

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