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Worlds Best Saw Blades

Tweet How to Build the Worlds Best Saw Blades As you might suspect, building the worlds best saw blades means using the finest materials, the finest equipment and the finest people. It also involves a huge attention to details.  Here … Continue…

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World’s Best Saw Blades

Tweet Are Our Saw Blades Really the Best The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of people making good saw blades anymore. Part of that is due to people such as you.  If someone does produce … Continue…

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Thin Kerf Saw Blades and Loss of Stiffness

Tweet Thin Kerf Saw Blades   I got curious about how much easier it was to damage a thin kerf saw blades than a regular kerf saw blade. I worked on it most of the day and finally found the answer … Continue…

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Can This 10” Saw Blade Be Saved?

Tweet Online question: Two teeth came off my “Big Box Store” saw blade. Should I keep using it? Answer It depends on how and why the teeth came off. Typically those teeth are about a C-4 grade which gives you … Continue…

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Circle Saw Blade

Circle saw blades greatly lowered the cost of lumber while improving quality Continue…

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The Horny Teenagers Theory of Brazing

Tweet The Horny Teenagers Theory of Brazing  There is way too much braze alloy outside the joint or join. I looked at eight other sawblades from different manufacturers and this is a common problem.  As with any quality issue, if … Continue…

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Tenryu Saw Blade Quality

Tenryu Saw Blade Quality – Even the packaging is great.

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How to Braze – Cold Joints

Cold fixtures can cause cold joints Continue…

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How to Rip Aluminum Extrusions on a Table Saw

Ripping Aluminum Extrusions on a Table Saw – How to and safety Continue…

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Carbide Saw Blade Specification Manual: P. 19 Carbide Tips: Grinding

Tweet Specification Grinding angles and tolerances shall be as listed below: Recommended Angle             Tolerance • Kerf (tip width)                                                                    +0.000″ / – 0.002″ • Hook Angle                                      30°                               +/- 1 Degree • Top Clearance                                   8°                                 +/- 1 … Continue…

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