Tenryu Saw Blade Quality

Tenryu Saw Blade Quality – Even the Packaging

Tenryu Saw Blade Packaging

Tenryu Saw Blade Packaging

We have a theory that any company that really believes in quality practices quality in everything they do.

Tenryu makes incredibly good saw blades.  There also an incredibly easy company with which to work. When we send an order into Tenryu we get confirmation and an invoice promptly, sometimes within minutes.  Their billing is always correct.  I always get a prompt answer when I asked for tech support.  And I always get an answer that actually helps the customer.

Another example of Tenryu quality is the information they put on their packages.  It tells you what cuts to make with the blade, on what kind of machines, in what kind of materials and it tells you what kind of cut you can expect. They have three little boxes labeled semi-smooth, smooth and super smooth. They also have complete blade description on the label so that your sharpener knows exactly how to sharpen the blade.

I suppose, technically, the packaging really does not have much to do with the quality of the saw blade.  However, in my experience, somebody who is going to take this much trouble with the packaging is going to be credibly fussy about the saw blade inside.

Incredibly fussy, in the best possible way, is a pretty good description for the folks at Tenryu and pretty well anyone who really believes in quality.

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