The Evolution of Triton Tools

Tweet Triton Tools was founded by George Lewin in 1975 in Australia.  Frustrated with tools that didn’t cut straight or square, Lewin decided to design a tool that would perform better.  His first innovation was a bench with an upside … Continue…

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What are the best CNC router bits

Tweet I recently came across a great article in Woodshop News.  The article discussed how important tool selection and feed and speed rates are to the final router bit performance when using a CNC router.  So, how do you select … Continue…

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American Made Router Bits

Tweet The other day Tom posted an answer to a question on the SawMill Creek website.  A gentleman asked his fellow woodworking community their opinion on  quality router bits. Like any woodworker he needed good quality at a fair price, preferably American … Continue…

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Sawfilers, a Dying Trade?

Tweet What is a Sawfiler, who are they, what do they do and why is the trade slowly dying? The best response to these questions is to quote Thomas Walz: “Sawfilers design, build, repair and maintain ultra-precision tools and make … Continue…

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Super Scraper Tool

Tweet We really do only sell what we think are the finest tools and these super scrapers are no exception.  The Super Scraper Tool comes in 3 different sizes and is manufactured in the US.  They truly are incredible little tools.  … Continue…

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Southeast Tool Manufacturing Process

Tweet Making high quality router bits is not an easy, one step process.  Producing the best router bits requires an immense amount of meticulous attention to detail.  It requires the highest quality tool material, top-notch machining, and consistent testing of … Continue…

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Filtration Systems and Supplies

Tweet Would you buy a new car or truck and never change it’s oil?  If you did change it’s oil, would you drive it without changing the filter?  Filtering your machine coolant can improve quality of work in the shop, create … Continue…

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The evolution of the pocket knife

Tweet We have recently added SOG knives to our online store, and we LOVE them!  The addition of SOG knives and the innovative changes in just the SOG product line have made me realize how far knives have come! Folding Knives … Continue…

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How to extend the life of you cutting tools

Tweet The life of your cutting tools depends on the care and consideration you take with them.  Checking and changing tool holders and collets when needed can drastically increase the life of your cutting tools.  Many of the new CNC machines have … Continue…

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How to get the most life from your Oscillating blades

Tweet Even the best tool can wear out quickly if it is not used properly.  Imperial blades prides themselves on producing some of the highest quality, American made Oscillating blades, and we agree.  Not using the correct techniques can prevent … Continue…

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