Southeast Tool Manufacturing Process

Making high quality router bits is not an easy, one step process.  Producing the best router bits requires an immense amount of meticulous attention to detail.  It requires the highest quality tool material, top-notch machining, and consistent testing of the tools to ensure the tightest tolerances are being maintained.

Southeast Tool has been mastering the art of producing longer lasting router bits that cut beautifully and stay sharp for over 15 years.  Chuck Hicks, the founder and owner of Southeast Tool started the process in the basement of his home in 1998.  What began as a mission to supply quality cutting tools that focused on meeting the needs of the customer has developed and flourished.  Now Southeast Tool manufactures quality router bits with the same focus for customer needs in a 20,000 sq ft building in Conover, NC and has additional stocking warehouses in Portland, OR and Ontario, Canada.

Southeast Tool stocks and sells more than 6,000 different cutting tools including router bits for woodworking and plastic, boring bits, solid carbide spirals, brad point drills, and various other cutting tools.

Southeast Tool is constantly keeping the customer’s needs in mind, pushing them to be innovative and come up with new tools to fit the needs of the tool users.  They have a special line of long wear spiral router bits that use an advanced grade of micro grain carbide that lasts up to 40% longer than standard carbide.  This special grade of micro grain carbide paired with Southeast Tool’s precise manufacturing process makes these spiral bits truly unique and superior to other bits you may find on the market.

Attention to detail, skill and great craftsmanship will go a long ways, but having top-notch machinery along with these is how you produce superior tools.  Southeast Tool’s manufacturing process brings all of these things together.  Southeast Tool takes careful precaution to make sure the design of their tools is completely accurate and without flaw.  The tools are first designed on the Walter program where skilled expert tool technicians can watch the diamond wheel paths to make sure there are no problems with the travel of the wheels.  The program is then downloaded into the Walter Helitronic machine.  During the production process, each tool is visually inspected and every third tool is taken and inspected on the Walter Tool check machine to measure the exact specifications and make sure all tolerances are within specs.

The Walter Helitronic is a top of the line grinding machine with 5 CNC controlled axes for producing and regrinding cutting tools.  Southeast Tool uses the Walter Helitronic machine to produce router bits to the tightest tolerances.  Their spiral router bits are held to tolerances of +/- .002”.    Southeast Tool’s Walter Helitronic machine features an automatic “Smart Probe” measuring and positioning system to ensure the exact and precise cutting and grinding of each tool they produce.

We have always offered a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee.  We do this and continue to do this because we truly believe in the quality of the products we sell.  Try a Southeast Tool and see the difference that a thorough and rigorous manufacturing process can make for your cutting tools.  Shop and save on your next Southeast Tool router bit or other quality cutting tools here.

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