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Cooling Steel

Tweet When cooling steel, the way and the speed at which you cool the steel can have a great affect and possibly even change properties of the steel. This was prompted by a question as to whether you can use … Continue…

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How Temperature Impacts Tool Wear

Tweet Harold Stewart has recently published an article that demonstrates the great affect temperature can have on tool wear.  The information from this article was taken from the experiments and articles published by Harold A. Stewart from Mississippi Forest Products Lab. Abrasion … Continue…

Carbide Tip Wear

Tweet Traditionally a machining operation ran the hardest carbide grade it could in order to get the longest tool life. If the grade started chipping or breaking then the operation backed off into a tougher grade.  A tougher grade meant … Continue…

How to Find Great Answers

How To Find Great Answers – ask a guy who has been working in the field for a few decades. Not all old guys are smart.


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How to Make Carbide Brazing Faster

How to Make Carbide Brazing Faster using simple, inexpensive techniques Continue…

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Carbide Grades Explained

Carbide Grades Explained; It is the grade, who makes it and how it is used. Continue…

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Stump Grinder Teeth

Measuring stump grinder teeth Continue…

Saw Blade Wear Cutting Gypsum

Saw Blade Wear Cutting Gypsum is greatly exacerbated by hard particles Continue…

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Carbide Grades in 2011

Tweet Carbide Grades in 2011 C grades Classifications – 1940’s These are carbide classifications developed by the United States Army and by Buick during World War II.  The idea being that production would tell a Buick buyer what they were … Continue…

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Price Difference Between Carbide And Steel Wear Parts

Tweet Much of the price difference is an issue of materials. Tungsten carbide is primarily tungsten with a few percent cobalt. Any steel has a really high percentage of iron. Iron is much, much cheaper than tungsten or cobalt. Steel, … Continue…

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