Braze alloy

Solving Brazing Problems

Tweet We often get a lot of questions about brazing problems and why a braze joint failed.  Here are a few inquiries that were posted on a forum about brazing problems and some general questions about brazing. “1 We have … Continue…

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Brazing Steel

Tweet This was originally a question from a forum.  It was a good question, and I thought some of you may benefit from the information. Forum question:  I am brazing machined 01 tool steel parts together, and/or tool steel parts to 302/316 stainless Steel parts. … Continue…

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Dissolving Braze Alloy with Acid

Tweet Dissolving braze alloys with acid is very dangerous and must be done with extreme caution. Note: I have a lot of chemistry in both high school and college.  I have a chemistry lab at work with a dedicated fume … Continue…

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Torch brazing with Braze Alloy to fill in Gaps

Tweet Filling Gaps with Braze Alloy and a Torch In this the beholder was machined in such a manner that it left a radius in the corner of the notch.  This means that the carbide cannot be seated completely against both … Continue…

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Differences in Braze Alloys

Tweet Effects Of Different Braze Alloys In the late 1980s the government really cracked down on cadmium in braze alloy.  The Bag-3 braze alloy had been the standard.  The industry switched to a 50% silver braze alloy without cadmium and … Continue…

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Braze alloy and what it does…

Tweet What Does Braze Alloy Do?  The immediate topic is brazing tungsten carbide to steel specifically for use in tools such as saw blades, router bits, etc.   Bonding Properties 30 years ago I was taught that braze alloy was … Continue…

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Bandsaw (Band Saw) Blade Brazing

Tweet There are 6 basic steps to brazing a band saw blade.  Clean and bevel the blade ends. Clamp blade ends to the fixture. Spread the flux. Braze. Anneal Remove excess alloy.   1.  Size of blade With a very … Continue…

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Braze Alloy-common types and forms

Tweet Most Common Braze Alloys and their Forms     BAg – 3 Braze Alloy         50% with Cadmium    1170° F           1270° F           1500° F           BAg-3 braze alloy is the standard brazing material for Carbide tools.  Cadmium is a great health danger and … Continue…

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Solving Brazing Problems- Part 3

Tweet In our final blog in our series Solving Brazing Problems we will discuss how improper brazing temperatures and gas entrapment can affect the braze joint.  We have already gone over how switching to a different type of brazing flux, … Continue…

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Solving Brazing Problems-part 2

Tweet There are many things that can cause brazing problems to occur.  In the first part of this series, Solving Brazing Problems, we discussed how cleaning the steel before brazing and cleaning the saw tips can have a great effect … Continue…

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