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Brazing Steel to Steel- Wetting and Penetration Issues

Tweet A gentleman posted on Practical Machinist looking for brazing information on his failed attempts at brazing steel-to-steel and get “away from messy stick welding”.  Using 56% silver and Harris paste flux with 1100-1700 working degree temperature, he was using … Continue…

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Brazing and Soldering- The Difference is Crucial

Tweet Technically soldering is done at lower temperatures and brazing is done at high-temperatures. The separation point is usually about 800°F. A braze joint can be somewhere between 10 and 100 times as strong as a solder joint.  There is … Continue…

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Solving Brazing Problems

Tweet We often get a lot of questions about brazing problems and why a braze joint failed.  Here are a few inquiries that were posted on a forum about brazing problems and some general questions about brazing. “1 We have … Continue…

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Brazing Steel

Tweet This was originally a question from a forum.  It was a good question, and I thought some of you may benefit from the information. Forum question:  I am brazing machined 01 tool steel parts together, and/or tool steel parts to 302/316 stainless Steel parts. … Continue…

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Bandsaw (Band Saw) Blade Brazing

Tweet There are 6 basic steps to brazing a band saw blade.  Clean and bevel the blade ends. Clamp blade ends to the fixture. Spread the flux. Braze. Anneal Remove excess alloy.   1.  Size of blade With a very … Continue…

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Types of brazing flux

Tweet Changing the type of brazing flux you use can yield different results in the brazed parts.  There are 3 types of flux we will talk about: White flux, black flux, and purified flux.  Black flux tends to be more … Continue…

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Solving Brazing Problems-part 2

Tweet There are many things that can cause brazing problems to occur.  In the first part of this series, Solving Brazing Problems, we discussed how cleaning the steel before brazing and cleaning the saw tips can have a great effect … Continue…

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How to braze- part 2

Tweet Welcome to our series on how to braze!  We have put together a tutorial on how to braze and broken it up into 4 parts.  We will be adding a new post every few days so be sure to … Continue…

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How to replace Stump Grinder Teeth

Tweet Step by step guide to replacing teeth on a Stump Grinder What you need to replace Stump Grinder Teeth: A torch or other method of heating that will reach about 1500°F Black flux – must be a brazing flux, … Continue…

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