Access Early Black Friday Deals Now!

Tweet They say, “good things come to those who wait.” Carbide Processors says, “….those who wait, miss out on great deals!” Enjoy up to 40% off retail on some of our most popular brands- Incra, Whiteside, Triton, Bondhus, Bessey, M. … Continue…

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Smelly tools stinking up your tool box?

Tweet Have you ever gone to your trusty tool box to grab a tool and found yourself wondering, what on earth is that awful smell?  If so, you are not alone. After doing some research and reading many forum posts, … Continue…

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Why invest in Quality Tools?

Tweet Count on Quality and Depend on Carbide Processors to deliver it. For over 30 years, Carbide Processors has been bringing you tools that will last you, as well as the kids and grandkids that you pass them down to, … Continue…

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What Do You Get In A Quality Tool?

Tweet The question “What do you get in a quality tool” came up on a forum today.   Somebody needed a new endmill and  was looking at two different endmills.  One end mill was higher quality, but cost four times the amount … Continue…

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Allen Wrenches

Tweet I found this old set of Allen wrenches. I’d forgotten I even owned it. I was rooting through some old tools looking for stuff to give my grandson Max for his fifth birthday.  These are genuine Allen wrenches made … Continue…

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Steel and Carbide tools

Tweet The way tools are manufactured and the materials used in the manufacturing process have a great deal in determining the quality of the tool.  Often times, in tools made of steel or carbide there are other materials added to … Continue…

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Apology for Christmas Delivery Problem

We blew a delivery and apologize. Continue…

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Woodworking Season. Hooray, Hooray!

Woodworking Season essentials on sale Continue…

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Bondhus Nut Drivers

Bondhus Nut Drivers are a huge improvement Continue…

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Insert bits and hand tool wear

Good tools are cheaper than ruined work or rework in overtime


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