What Do You Get In A Quality Tool?

The question “What do you get in a quality tool” came up on a forum today.   Somebody needed a new endmill and  was looking at two different endmills.  One end mill was higher quality, but cost four times the amount of another one.  He wanted to know what he got for the extra money.

Two thoughts come to mind. First is the hamburger analogy. When I go
to the bank I drive right through hamburger row. There are maybe a
dozen or more franchise restaurants, many of them selling hamburgers
in one form or another.   When I just need to refuel I will buy one
from a chain.  When I want a really good hamburger I drive over the
hill to Marcie’s where the patties are hand formed and cooked to
order.  There are a lot of things that make Marcie’s Burger much
better than a chain burger.

If you are good at anything, then you understand how the process effects the quality of the end result.  If you are a good cook then you understand the importance of selecting really good ingredients. You understand the importance of good equipment and you really understand the importance of years of experience.

If you are a good woodworker then you carefully select the wood for
your project instead of taking whatever’s on top of the pile. Your
table saw and fence are aligned to cut straight and true. Your saw
blade is sharp.  You know how to feed the wood so you get a clean cut
without burning.  You use quality tools and equipment becuase that will ensure you get the best results.

If you are a machinist you understand the difference in metals. You
understand that different metals require different cutting techniques.
 Different kinds of cuts may require different machines. You
understand the importance of good bearings and tight spindles. You
understand the importance of a flat tabletop and accurate instruments.

If you are a cook, machinist, woodworker, golfer, fishermen, hunter or
anything else then you can develop a long list of what needs to be
done to get geat results.

This same process applies to tools.  Tool manufacturers that make quality tools choose the materials for their tools carfully.  They apply great ingenuity and experience when executing their tools and creating new tool designs.  They use the best equipment.  They use a process that yields the best results, which are really great, high quality tools.

 A top-quality tool will give you better cuts, longer.  Manufacturers that produce top quality tools are consistant in their manufacturing so that every tool you buy from them will be just like the last tool you bought. If you have ever replaced a
tool in the middle of a job with one that had exactly the same
specifications but cut differently than you understand why this can be
extremely important.

We understand the importance of the tools you use, which is why we only sell what we belive to be exceptionally high quality tools.  We now have well over 18,000 tools including router bits from Whiteside, Vortex, Southeast Tool; Router Tables from Incra and Woodpecker; Saw blades from Tenryu, Popular, and our Custom Saw Blades and hand tools from Mayhew, Wiha, Wera, and Bondhus.

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