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Backyard Hero- Assembly Tools for Backyard Play-sets

Tweet Now that Spring is finally upon us most of us our looking at our ever growing to-do-lists! We can finally start to tackle those out-door projects we have been neglecting for so long. And, if you have children or … Continue…

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Tenryu Plastic Cutting Saw Blade- Cool Customer Video

Tweet We had a wonderful customer the other day in a panic! It was late in the day, and he needed a Tenryu plastic cutting saw blade-PRP-255120AB3 shipped Next Day Air to North Carolina. Our normal cut-off time for shipping is … Continue…

Rip Cutting Using a Table Saw

Tweet The process of rip-cutting is often referred to as cutting parallel to or parallel with the grain. This is true when it comes to solid wood but when ripping plywood you’ll find yourself ripping across the surface grain. Perhaps … Continue…

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Setting Up Your Shop- Choosing Your Space

Tweet Attic Shop Woodworking virtually demands its own space. The materials needed are bulky and the necessary power tools are fairly big. And since most projects are completed over a period of days, weeks and months (maybe even years), they’ll … Continue…

Southeast Tool- One of everything Sale!!!

Tweet It’s that time of year again, and a little Holiday Spirit has put the boss in a pretty good mood.  In fact, it’s put him in a $128,059.95 dollars good mood!  That’s right, Buy one of our Exclusive Southeast … Continue…

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Carbide Processors – Whiteside Essential Router Bit Set 1/2 Shank

Tweet Carbide Processors has teamed up with Whiteside Machince Co., better known as Whiteside, to bring you an exclusive new woodworker set! You will not find the Carbide Processors’ Essential Woodworking Set 411 anywhere else. This set was created to … Continue…

They Call Him the Wrench Man

Tweet We are always looking for ways to make cool stuff with out tools. But, how about making cool stuff out of tools! A scupltor in Australia has found a new life for old, rusted  wrenches that  would give Michelangelo Buonarroti a … Continue…

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$$Carbide Bucks$$- Save Now-Save Later!!

Tweet The Pr0gram Period ended April 10, 2015 Watch your emails for the next Earning Period! We have instituted a new rewards program called Carbide Bucks! This is a great way for registered customers to earn $Carbide Bucks$ towards future … Continue…

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Sawfilers, a Dying Trade?

Tweet What is a Sawfiler, who are they, what do they do and why is the trade slowly dying? The best response to these questions is to quote Thomas Walz: “Sawfilers design, build, repair and maintain ultra-precision tools and make … Continue…

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Filtration Systems and Supplies

Tweet Would you buy a new car or truck and never change it’s oil?  If you did change it’s oil, would you drive it without changing the filter?  Filtering your machine coolant can improve quality of work in the shop, create … Continue…

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