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Smelly tools stinking up your tool box?

Tweet Have you ever gone to your trusty tool box to grab a tool and found yourself wondering, what on earth is that awful smell?  If so, you are not alone. After doing some research and reading many forum posts, … Continue…

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Super Scraper- New Favorite Tool- South Main Auto Repair

Tweet Wow, the Super Scraper has done it again! I can’t think of a more universal tool then the Super Scraper. A Made in the U.S.A. multi purpose carbide edge( our Super C carbide) scraping tool designed for use by mechanics, … Continue…

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Chapman MFG- American Made Handtools & Sets

Tweet   We are happy to announce our new partnership with Chapman Manufacturing (Chapman Tools) located in Durham, Connecticut. John Chapman started the business in his garage during the Great Depression in 1936. Probably not the most ideal time for … Continue…

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They Call Him the Wrench Man

Tweet We are always looking for ways to make cool stuff with out tools. But, how about making cool stuff out of tools! A scupltor in Australia has found a new life for old, rusted  wrenches that  would give Michelangelo Buonarroti a … Continue…

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Wera Hand Tools

Tweet Wera hand tools are manufactured for professionals for use in industrial applications.  Wera has spent decades turning ideas into innovative new solutions in the screwdriving world.  From there diamond tipped bits, to their kraftform screwdrivers with ergonomic handles, Wera … Continue…

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Allen Wrenches

Tweet I found this old set of Allen wrenches. I’d forgotten I even owned it. I was rooting through some old tools looking for stuff to give my grandson Max for his fifth birthday.  These are genuine Allen wrenches made … Continue…

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Steel and Carbide tools

Tweet The way tools are manufactured and the materials used in the manufacturing process have a great deal in determining the quality of the tool.  Often times, in tools made of steel or carbide there are other materials added to … Continue…

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Brace Drill, Brace and Bit

Tweet Braces Review (as in brace and bit) We get requests for these and I was thinking about selling them. The Boy Scouts still require them for the woodworking merit badge and missionaries like them.  So I went online to … Continue…

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Wiha Tools and German Quality

Wiha Tools and German Quality – illustrated with a new tool and starring Lucky, The Old dog Continue…

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How to Prepare for an OSHA Inspection

How to Prepare for an OSHA Inspection – Have your paperwork done and show them you take it seriously Continue…

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