Smelly tools stinking up your tool box?


Have you ever gone to your trusty tool box to grab a tool and found yourself wondering, what on earth is that awful smell?  If so, you are not alone.

After doing some research and reading many forum posts, I think I have finally solved the mystery of the terrible odor coming form your toolbox.  The odor is actually caused from the break-down of cellulose acetate butyrate, a thermoplastic that is used to make many tool handles.  So, all those times you blamed your kids, wondering what on God’s Great Earth they spilled in your tool box, it was actually just the tools.  An even bigger issue than the terrible odor is that when this material starts to breakdown, it can actually corrode your tools.   Not all tool handles are made with this type of thermoplastic, but many are.    If you have some old Craftsman Screwdrivers with clear/clearish handle, try giving them a good sniff.  If you’ve had them a while, you may be able to tell just what kind of smell we are talking about.

After learning about this, I wanted to make sure that we were not adding to the problem of the smelly tool box with any of the tools we sell.  I’m happy to report that neither Bondhus or Felo Screwdrivers use cellulose acetate butyrate in the handles of their tools.  So to keep your nose happy and your toolbox smelling fresh (or as fresh as possible) stock it with Bondhus and Felo hand tools.


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  1. David says:

    omg I was trying to work this out for so long. Thanks for the help

    Thanks David –

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