World’s Best Saw Blades

Choosing the right wood species for your woodworking project

Tweet Species surface hardness When working with various woods, there is always the consideration whether we can substitute a less expensive wood for the species we are using and still get the same performance. When looking at a potential substitute, … Continue…

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Rip Blades and Crosscutting Blades vs. Combination Blades

Tweet A combination saw blade is a great saw blade to have in your shop.  If you’re needing to switch between ripping and crosscutting often, then a combination blade will definitely get the job done.  The 4 Tooth Alternate Top … Continue…

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Metal Cutting Saw Blades

Tweet There are many Advantages of a Metal Cutting Circular Saw.   This article written by Gene Rodriguez, shows the many ways that a metal cutting circular saw is a more efficient tool for cutting metals. In the past, if you wanted to … Continue…

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Free Tool Give-Away!!!

Tweet SawMill Creek is hosting a Free Stuff Give-Away to celebrate their 10th year being online.  We have been members and contributors for for many years, and are very happy for them for reaching this great milestone.  We have … Continue…

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Interesting fact about particle board

Tweet An interesting fact to keep in mind when cutting man made materials is the difference in the material depending on it’s origin.  A great deal of man-made material is made of wood fiber, sawdust, etc. glued together.  That binder or glue very … Continue…


Cleaning saw blades

Tweet There are thousands of grades of carbide, so discussing the properties of carbide is like discussing the properties of wood.  Some grades of carbide may have certain properties that are not present in other grades of carbide.  This is why … Continue…

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Best Saw Blades

Tweet We are very picky about the saw blades we sell and only sell from saw blade manufacturers that make absolutely top-quality saw blades.   We do all the research so that we can bring you the best saw blades crafted … Continue…

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American Made Tools

Tweet We are proud to sell several lines of American made tools.  We beleive all of the tools we sell are top of the line, but are pretty happy when these top quality tools are manufactured right here in the … Continue…

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Custom Saw Blades

Tweet Having a good general purpose saw blade that can do multiple jobs is good, especially if it is a quality blade.  But, sometimes there are jobs where “good” isn’t good enough and you need a saw blade that is … Continue…

Worlds Best Saw Blades

Tweet How to Build the Worlds Best Saw Blades As you might suspect, building the worlds best saw blades means using the finest materials, the finest equipment and the finest people. It also involves a huge attention to details.  Here … Continue…

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