Rip Blades and Crosscutting Blades vs. Combination Blades

A combination saw blade is a great saw blade to have in your shop.  If you’re needing to switch between ripping and crosscutting often, then a combination blade will definitely get the job done.  The 4 Tooth Alternate Top Bevel design with the 1 flat top Raker tooth make it a great blade for both crosscutting and ripping.  However, if you are looking for cleaner rip cuts, or if you are going to be doing a lot of crosscutting or ripping, it may be worth it to invest in a specialty blade specifically designed for each application.

Ripping a stack of hardwood with a combination blade can really take its toll on your saw.  A rip blade is specially designed with fewer teeth and a more aggressive hook angle to reduce the feed resistance and yield smoother, more efficient cuts.  The deeper gullets and special Triple Chip Tooth configuration on World’s Best Glue Line Rip blades allow for faster feed rates and a cut so smooth, the surface is actually glue ready.

If getting a smooth cut when cutting across the grain is important, investing in a blade that is specifically designed just for crosscutting can be a really good idea.  Crosscutting blades typically have a higher tooth count and an Alternate Top Bevel Tooth configuration that crosscuts the fibers in the wood more cleanly and leaves a much smoother edge.  If you are looking for a crosscutting saw blade made to your specifications, you can get a custom saw blade quote on one of our World’s Best Cermet tipped Crosscutting blades.

If you are going to be crosscutting with a sliding miter saw or a radial arm saw, then it is important to use a saw designed for those machines.  Sliding miter saws and radial arm saws have a tendency to self-feed the wood which can leave the cutting edge more ragged or fuzzy.  They can sometime grab the wood, causing a potentially dangerous situation.  A sliding miter saw blade or a radial arm saw blade have a negative hook angle that will help to keep the wood from self-feeding or coming up off the table.

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