Woodworking Hazards- Common Issues & Preventions

Tweet Wood is the most commonly used material for arts, crafts, jewelry, woodworking, framing, joining, sawing, sanding & painting. Here are a few safety considerations to consider before embarking on your next project.   Hardwoods – used mainly for sculptures … Continue…

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Importance of Machine Coolant Management

Tweet A great number of industrial processes such as grinding, milling and turning create heat and particles.  Machine coolants are used to keep the work surface cool and to carry away chips and particles.  Filtering Machine Coolant traps the small particles that … Continue…

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Motorcycle Glasses

Tweet I was just told what could have been a horrifying story.  Luckily, especially since it was a true story, it did have a happy ending.  A young man (Brad) had just bought a new motorcycle to commute back and forth … Continue…

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Machine Coolant

Tweet The primary function of machine coolant is temperature control through cooling and lubrication.  Application of machine coolant also improves the quality of the work piece by continually removing metal fines and cuttings from the tool and cutting zone.  Metal‑removal … Continue…

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The All Important First Cut

Tweet There are very few universal rules in the world. One rule that comes pretty close is that you should always take it slow and easy when making the first cut in any material using any tool. The importance of this … Continue…

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Dissolving Braze Alloy with Acid

Tweet Dissolving braze alloys with acid is very dangerous and must be done with extreme caution. Note: I have a lot of chemistry in both high school and college.  I have a chemistry lab at work with a dedicated fume … Continue…

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Why you Should Only use Saw Blade the way they were intended

Tweet  Saw Blades were designed to cut forward.  Running them backwards can put you and others around you at risk.  The first problem with running a saw blade backwards is that saw blades are designed to cut forward and a great deal … Continue…


Running Saw Blades Backwards

Tweet This was in response to a customer’s question about running a saw blades backwards. Comment: I have been having an argument with several people regarding cutting aluminum on a table saw with the saw blade reversed so that the … Continue…


How To Remove a Splinter

Tweet First I would like to stress the importance of wearing gloves, safety glasses and proper safety equipment at all times.  This will greatly reduce your exposure to injuries, and splinters.  But even with proper safety precausions, everyone from my 5 year old son to my … Continue…

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Indoor air quality

Tweet Indoor air quality in the shop is very important for many reasons.  First is the employee safety and health, second is government regulations and third is the effect of poor indoor air quality on the equipment and other parts … Continue…

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