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I was just told what could have been a horrifying story.  Luckily, especially since it was a true story, it did have a happy ending.  A young man (Brad) had just bought a new motorcycle to commute back and forth to work in.  He said that he purchased a pair of Edge Eyewear Dakura smoke lens glasses to wear while riding his motorcycle.  He said he bought them more for looks, but they ended up saving him from losing an eye.

Brad drives a major interstate between Temple and Waco. He was on his way home when something, most likely a rock or a lug nut, hit him in his left eye.  He said he almost came off the bike it hit him so hard.  It bounced off the gas tank leaving a dent and chipping the paint.
Brad said he took the next exit to gather himself and asses the damage.  The glasses were barely chipped.  Not cracked or broken not even the frames of the glasses. Brad said he only suffered a very minor black eye.

Edge Eyewear makes great looking glasses, but more importantly, they make durable glasses that can really keep your eyes safe when it counts.  They are great for motorcycle glasses and just about any other recreational activity.  We were recently on a charter boat salmon fishing.  The captain was telling us how a deckhand recently lost an eye after a line with a weight on the end snapped back and hit him and how another deckhand had lost an eye nearly the same way the previous year.  Even if you are very careful at whatever activity you are doing, you cannot always control what other people around you do.  You can, however, control how you prepare for it.  Edge eyewear glasses really do look great, but more importantly they can protect you from what you can’t see coming whether you are in the workshop, riding your motorcycle, hunting, fishing, biking, or doing just about any activity.

edge eyewear khor glassesI now no longer consider Edge Eyewear glasses as strictly safety glasses, but as great motorcycle glasses, hunting glasses, welding glasses etc.  They actually have many different designs that have special features for different types of activities.  For example, the Edge Eyewear Khor glasses have 3 different interchangeable lenses including a yellow lens designed for hunting, a polarized lens and an anti reflective lens.  The frames are made to stay in place even when you are running or sweating, and they have an awesome camo design.  They have other designs that are great for motorcycle eyewear and other recreational activities like their Dakura and Zorge designs.  There are even some glasses for welding that have special lenses.

Check out the different Edge Eyewear Glasses and take the first step to protecting your eyes from the unexpected.

edge eyewear dakura glasses          edge eyewear zorge glasses

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