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Replacement Portable Saw Mill Blade

Tweet Custom Replacement Portable Saw Mill Blades are now available at Carbide Processors.  We have taken into consideration your demand for superior quality as well as affordable pricing and now offer our saw blade expertise in creating your Replacement Portable … Continue…

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Cutting MDF and Plywood

Tweet Cutting MDF Compared to Plywood Both MDF and Plywood can be very tough on the cutting tools.  This is why it is important to use saw blades that are specifically designed for cutting MDF and Plywood.  Below is a link … Continue…

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Testing the Hardness of Carbide

Tweet I had a question today about whether an end-user can test the hardness of carbide.   The official way to test carbide hardness is with a Rockwell tester or similar but nobody even pretends that this way is particularly accurate. … Continue…

Ripped and Torn Shoulders on a Saw Blade- Part 3

Tweet In our last blog, Ripped and Torn Shoulders  on a saw blade- Part 2, we introduced the problem and gave some insight from some very knowledgeable saw filers on why the problem with ripped and torn shoulders may have … Continue…

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Are more teeth on a Saw Blade Better?

Tweet The rule of thumb is that a saw blade with more teeth means a smoother cut and fewer teeth means a faster cut.  There are other things that affect the cut quality and the feed speed, like how fast … Continue…

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Carbide Tip Wear

Tweet Traditionally a machining operation ran the hardest carbide grade it could in order to get the longest tool life. If the grade started chipping or breaking then the operation backed off into a tougher grade.  A tougher grade meant … Continue…

Cleaning saw blades

Tweet There are thousands of grades of carbide, so discussing the properties of carbide is like discussing the properties of wood.  Some grades of carbide may have certain properties that are not present in other grades of carbide.  This is why … Continue…

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Popcorn Carbide

Tweet Popcorn carbide- this was a really neat affect caused by a great amount of heat over an unknown period of time (but I’d guess it to be a fairly long time).  This piece of carbide was actually once a carbide tip that fell … Continue…


Carbide Grades

Tweet The C designations for grades of Carbide was developed by the US Army and Buick during WWII.  The original concept was to rate tungsten carbide according to the job it could do.  If you had a specific job or … Continue…

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How to replace Stump Grinder Teeth

Tweet Step by step guide to replacing teeth on a Stump Grinder What you need to replace Stump Grinder Teeth: A torch or other method of heating that will reach about 1500°F Black flux – must be a brazing flux, … Continue…

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