Replacement Portable Saw Mill Blade

Custom Replacement Portable Saw Mill Blades are now available at Carbide Processors.  We have taken into consideration your demand for superior quality as well as affordable pricing and now offer our saw blade expertise in creating your Replacement Portable Saw Mill Blade. By combining over 30 years experience in the woodworking industry as well as using the very best materials, our custom saw blades and tooling meet and beat our customer’s expectations.


Product Description

 5 Tooth Replacement blades for the Portable Lucas Sawmill.



Teeth: 5T
Bore & Pinhole: 30mm, 5+5 pins
Kerf: 4.8mm unless otherwise specified
Plate: 3.2mm unless otherwise specified
Design: FTG

The Replacement blades can be made to your specifications  for Diameter, as well as plate thickness and kerf. Please call us for pricing and lead time or fill out the Replacement Portable Saw Mill Blade form.


Special Offer :

**Buy a custom Replacement Blade for the Portable Lucas Sawmill and receive the Sawmiller’s Guide to Troubleshooting, or Miners Manual of Saw Hammering and Filing at a bundled discount!** Ask your friendly customer representative for details.


The Carbide Processors team continually strive to offer you products and services that you need at the best price without sacrificing quality. The custom tooling (manufacturing and sharpening) and saw blade services (manufacturing, re-tipping, sharpening, and repairing) are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also specialize in brazing materials, brazing services, as well as special grades and sizes of carbide.

To create a quality tool you need the right materials.  We have them A minor difference in alloy chemistry can make a difference of 70% or more in bond strength and joint performance.  We have done extensive testing to know just the right alloys to use and what applications to use them for.  Our brazing services are patented with proven fracture prevention technology.  We have been an industry leader in brazing for over 20 years and have pioneered new brazing techniques that are more fracture resistant and simply improve the quality of the tools. Our exclusive patented techniques prevents gaints, tool breakage, and creates stronger brazed joints.  Choose from over 5,000 different grades of carbide including our Super C grade  and our Cermet grades 



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