Custom Saw blades

Is your machine really worthless?

Tweet I don’t know how many times a day I am on the phone with a customer who is looking for a brad point drill bit (threaded & straight shank) adjustable countersink, clamp-on counterbore or mulit-spur forstner drill bit. Always the same basic story- I have … Continue…

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Replacement Portable Saw Mill Blade

Tweet Custom Replacement Portable Saw Mill Blades are now available at Carbide Processors.  We have taken into consideration your demand for superior quality as well as affordable pricing and now offer our saw blade expertise in creating your Replacement Portable … Continue…

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Rip Blades and Crosscutting Blades vs. Combination Blades

Tweet A combination saw blade is a great saw blade to have in your shop.  If you’re needing to switch between ripping and crosscutting often, then a combination blade will definitely get the job done.  The 4 Tooth Alternate Top … Continue…

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Free Tool Give-Away!!!

Tweet SawMill Creek is hosting a Free Stuff Give-Away to celebrate their 10th year being online.  We have been members and contributors for for many years, and are very happy for them for reaching this great milestone.  We have … Continue…

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Custom Saw Blades

Tweet Having a good general purpose saw blade that can do multiple jobs is good, especially if it is a quality blade.  But, sometimes there are jobs where “good” isn’t good enough and you need a saw blade that is … Continue…

Worlds Best Saw Blades

Tweet How to Build the Worlds Best Saw Blades As you might suspect, building the worlds best saw blades means using the finest materials, the finest equipment and the finest people. It also involves a huge attention to details.  Here … Continue…

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World’s Best Saw Blades

Tweet Are Our Saw Blades Really the Best The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of people making good saw blades anymore. Part of that is due to people such as you.  If someone does produce … Continue…

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Thin Kerf Saw Blades and Loss of Stiffness

Tweet Thin Kerf Saw Blades   I got curious about how much easier it was to damage a thin kerf saw blades than a regular kerf saw blade. I worked on it most of the day and finally found the answer … Continue…

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Carbide Saw Blade Specification Manual: P.19 Carbide Tips: Grinding

Carbide Saw Blade Specification Manual: P.19 Carbide Tips: Grinding Continue…

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Carbide Saw Blade Specification Manual: P. 21 Strob Saws: Cutters

Carbide Saw Blade Specification Manual: P. 21 Strob Saws: Cutters Continue…

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