Custom Saw Blades

Having a good general purpose saw blade that can do multiple jobs is good, especially if it is a quality blade.  But, sometimes there are jobs where “good” isn’t good enough and you need a saw blade that is specially designed for a specific application.  We sell custom saw blades that are application specific and designed for the exact type of cut and material you need them for. 

Our line of custom saw blades are not only designed for special applications, but use a special grade cermet saw tip that stays sharper longer, and cuts smoother.  This is especially important for preveintng fiber spring back.  Fiber springback is when the saw blade pulls the wood fibers even the smallest bit during the cutting process.  These fibers then spring back and create fuzz on the end of the cut.  The amount of fuzz created depends on the type and condition of the material being cut, but also on the saw blade cutting it.  Even the sharpest saw blades can cause fiber spring back and create fuzz on your work.  Our custom saw blades with cermet/carbide saw tips stay sharper much longer than carbide saw tips, and can cut at faster feed speeds, reducing the amount of fiber spring back and resulting in smoother cuts.

Our line of custom saw blades have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and have saved many of our customers a lot of money by reducing stops in production time, and sharpenings.  They can be built to your specifications for special applications, or can be built to be versatile and allow for cutting in a range of applications.  Either way, Our custom saw blades will yield smooth cuts and stay sharp for much longer than standard carbide saw blades.  For more information or a quote, email:

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