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Backyard Hero- Assembly Tools for Backyard Play-sets

Tweet Now that Spring is finally upon us most of us our looking at our ever growing to-do-lists! We can finally start to tackle those out-door projects we have been neglecting for so long. And, if you have children or … Continue…

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Difference between a cordless drill and an Impact driver

Tweet Both cordless drills/drivers and impact drivers can be used for similar jobs, but there are some key differences.  A Cordless drill applies constant torque and tends to have a wide range of uses.  Cordless drills have a keyless chuck … Continue…

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Choosing the Right Router Bit

Tweet Choosing the Right Router Bit When choosing a router bit, there are several things to consider to get the most value for your money. Here are some tips to choose a quality Router Bit:   Router Bit Shank Size … Continue…

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Burn Marks on Wood

Tweet       Prevent those horrible burn marks in your routed edges my using the following tips!   Keep Your Bits Clean     Get in the habit of cleaning your bits when you are finished with them. I know this … Continue…

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Common Drill Bit terms

Tweet From A to Z, a short glossary of common Drill Bit terms and their meanings.  If you are around people who have been in a specific industry for a while you may notice that they use a specific jargon or certain words … Continue…

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Why Should You Use Vortex Solid Carbide Sprial Tooling?

Tweet So why should you use Vortex Solid Carbide spiral tooling, because some of the very unique tool cutting properties. Vortex Solid Carbide spiral tools create the best edge qualities of ANY cutting tool design available. Also, solid carbide router … Continue…

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The All Important First Cut

Tweet There are very few universal rules in the world. One rule that comes pretty close is that you should always take it slow and easy when making the first cut in any material using any tool. The importance of this … Continue…

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The Difference Between Jobber Drill Bit Sizes

Tweet The Difference Between Jobber Drill Bit Sizes I love the word Jobber.  Seriously, say it out loud right now.  I’ll wait.  Jobber.  Hilarious. But they are also wonderful, useful tools.  They are probably the most common type of drill … Continue…

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Insert bits and hand tool wear

Good tools are cheaper than ruined work or rework in overtime


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Hollow Mortising Chisels and Bits

Hollow Mortising Chisels and Bits – USA Made – Southeast Tool

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