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Ipe Wood Cutting Tools

Tweet What is Ipe Ipe, pronounced (ee-pay) is an extremely dense hardwood from Brazil that is flame and water resistant. Often referred to as super-hardwood or ironwood, Ipe is similar to mahogany because it has few knots and is tightly … Continue…

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Choosing the Right Router Bit

Tweet Choosing the Right Router Bit When choosing a router bit, there are several things to consider to get the most value for your money. Here are some tips to choose a quality Router Bit:   Router Bit Shank Size … Continue…

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Inspecting a Router Bit

Tweet Inspecting a Router Bit                                           First, just pick the bit up and look at it.  Does it look even and … Continue…

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Choosing the Correct Speed for your Router Bits

Tweet Selecting the best router bit for your application is key in getting quality results, but is not enough on it’s own. Once you have the correct tool for the job, you need to use the correct speed for optimum … Continue…

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Why Are There So Many Router Bits?

Tweet If you have ever done any type of wood work you have encountered the wide world of router bits. Router bits range in shape, size, style and vary depending on application; when you visit the local store you will … Continue…

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Profiling Router Bits- The Five Basic Shapes

Tweet           Profiling Router Bits are all about adding visible details using shadow and light to your projects: outer edge shaping, moldings, picture frames, cabinetry etc. A decorative edge can add considerable visual appeal, square edges are more common place, but … Continue…

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Which Router Bit to Use

Tweet There are so many different types of router bits and trying to choose which router bit to use can be a little overwhelming.  Here are a few key things to keep in mind when trying to choose which router … Continue…

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