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Choosing the Correct Speed for your Router Bits

Tweet Selecting the best router bit for your application is key in getting quality results, but is not enough on it’s own. Once you have the correct tool for the job, you need to use the correct speed for optimum … Continue…

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Holiday Gift ideas for the Woodworker on your list

Tweet Need some last minute gift ideas for the Woodworker on your list?  We have you covered!  We carry over 20,000 quality tools and always ship from the closest warehouse with stock so that your orders get to you quicker. … Continue…

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Which Router Bits to Buy

Tweet Router Bits, Which Ones To Buy (This is an opinion piece.  It is my assessment of the averages of a very diverse and complicated market.)    Kinds of Router Bits Steel –  couple dollars – The least expensive kind of … Continue…

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What router bit to use for cutting granite or marble?

Tweet When using a router bit for for cutting marble or granite  then it is important to choose the right type of router bit. Woodworking router bits are designed specifically to cut wood. They will burn up pretty rapidly if … Continue…

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Why Vortex Router Bits are Expensive

Vortex Router Bits are the very best and the least expensive to use Continue…

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Woodworking Season. Hooray, Hooray!

Woodworking Season essentials on sale Continue…

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Router Bits and Southeast Tool: Why We Love Them

Tweet Jeremy Broun, who Woodworking Magazine called one of the most innovative craftsmen, and who has shown his work at such places as Souterbys and The Royal Society of Arts, wrote a book about his love of routers.  In this … Continue…

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Fine Woodworking Tool Guide

Fine Woodworking Tool Guide is very good Continue…

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Whiteside Router Bits Great Deal

Whiteside Router Bits Great Deal Continue…

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Router Bit Breakage

Tweet Router Bit Breakage These are the router bits I discussed in the previous post. They are router bits designed for plastic.  They are really designed for CNC routers cutting ordinary plastic. The customer used them that way. The customer … Continue…

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