Ipe Wood Cutting Tools

Tweet What is Ipe Ipe, pronounced (ee-pay) is an extremely dense hardwood from Brazil that is flame and water resistant. Often referred to as super-hardwood or ironwood, Ipe is similar to mahogany because it has few knots and is tightly … Continue…

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Is it really necessary to buy a different blade for cutting different materials?

Tweet Saw blades can be a large investment, especially if they are a quality saw blade.  It is often hard to bite the bullet and buy a new blade for a project because your cutting a different material or making … Continue…

Metal Cutting Saw Blades

Tweet There are many Advantages of a Metal Cutting Circular Saw.   This article written by Gene Rodriguez, shows the many ways that a metal cutting circular saw is a more efficient tool for cutting metals. In the past, if you wanted to … Continue…

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Are more teeth on a Saw Blade Better?

Tweet The rule of thumb is that a saw blade with more teeth means a smoother cut and fewer teeth means a faster cut.  There are other things that affect the cut quality and the feed speed, like how fast … Continue…

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What Do You Get In A Quality Tool?

Tweet The question “What do you get in a quality tool” came up on a forum today.   Somebody needed a new endmill and  was looking at two different endmills.  One end mill was higher quality, but cost four times the amount … Continue…

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Making Tenryu Saw Blades

Tweet Tenryu is very careful to only use the best materials and tightest tolerances when manufacturing their Infamous Tenryu Saw Blades.  Tenryu saw blades have unique tooth design and geometry for smoother and easier cuts. Tenryu uses only modern, advanced … Continue…


Best Saw Blades

Tweet We are very picky about the saw blades we sell and only sell from saw blade manufacturers that make absolutely top-quality saw blades.   We do all the research so that we can bring you the best saw blades crafted … Continue…

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What Saw Blade to Use…

Tweet There are many different types of saw blades for many different types of applications.  Choosing the right saw blade for your specific application can seem daunting.  Here is a guide for choosing what saw blade to use for various … Continue…

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World’s Best Saw Blades

Tweet Are Our Saw Blades Really the Best The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of people making good saw blades anymore. Part of that is due to people such as you.  If someone does produce … Continue…

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Tenryu Saw Blades for Cutting Stainless Steel

Tweet Tenryu Saw Blades for Cutting Stainless Steel It is a good day for the sale of Tenryu saw blades for cutting stainless steel.  Maybe there was an article or blog post about them someplace. Tenryu makes excellent saw blades.  … Continue…

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