Making Tenryu Saw Blades

Tenryu is very careful to only use the best materials and tightest tolerances when manufacturing their Infamous Tenryu Saw Blades.  Tenryu saw blades have unique tooth design and geometry for smoother and easier cuts.

Tenryu uses only modern, advanced grades of carbide for longer cutting life. Depending on the application; the carbide tips have Titanium, Tantalum and/or Niobium added to increase lubricity for smoother faster cuts. Tenryu adds Vanadium for grain growth control to create a stronger, void free material. This also helps with heat management by putting the cutting heat into the chip instead of the blade. Resin filled, laser expansion slots for reduced vibration means the blade runs truer and up to 10 decibels quieter. More energy goes into the cut because there is less vibration.

Tenryu Saw Blades are made with individually hand-hammered, tensioned saw plates for true run.  This means there are no high spots or low spots and no lumps, ridges, twisting or twisting ridges. The saw blade runs as a single, homogenous tool with no flat, tight or loose areas.

Tenryu saw blades are polish ground for incredible smoothness, because a smoother tip means a much better cut. All the major and minor angles of the saw tip geometry are carefully calculated for beautiful cuts and fast cutting on all of Tenryu’s new blades as well as on their re-sharpened blades. The angles on the saw tips also help reduce heat build-up and greatly increase the cooling effect.

The saw tips used on Tenryu blades are big pieces of advanced material. The tips are an advanced, sub-micron grade of tungsten carbide.  Tip life is up to 10x that of ordinary carbide saw tips.  They are tough for long life and they are slick so they slide through the cut. There is excellent side clearance so the action is all cutting and no rubbing.

Tenryu uses a Nickel – Chrome alloy steel for their saw plate to create a stiffer, corrosion resistant blade for better cuts and longer life. It also allows for a higher Rockwell value while providing a tougher, more forgiving blade.

The carbide brazing Tenryu uses to make their saw blades is done with a high silver braze alloy. The braze alloy  is about 50% Silver. This makes it expensive but it is really worth it.  Unlike other attachment methods, good brazing forms a mechanical and a chemical bond between the carbide and the steel so that the bond is much stronger than either the steel or the carbide. It also acts like a suspension on a car in that it cushions the hard carbide tool tip to protect it from chipping, breaking and excess wear.


3 Responses to “Making Tenryu Saw Blades”

  1. Ed Ladores says:

    Tenryu SPS-35590

    Is the plate used on this blade made of HSS-E (M35)? If not, what metal
    or alloy did you use?

    • admin says:

      Hi Ed,

      Thank you for contacting us and excellent question. The Tenryu SPS-35590 is not actually made from HSS-E. It is a carbide tipped blade that uses a hardened steel for the plate.
      I hope this helps answer your question. Thank you for contacting us and for visiting our blog.


      • Judd Lotts says:

        I have several Tenryu blades. I sent my blades to a sharpening service. and they would not cut smooth. I called and talked to the owner,and complained about the poor cut quality. I was told they use 6 00 grit only.I sent these same blades to a service that used 1000 grit. What a difference.

        As in your profession, a thousand little things can combine to make one huge difference in the end results. I would guess that the second shop used better wheels, did better maintenance and so on.

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