Saw Blades

Template Routing

Tweet Woodworkers that consistently make projects that have curved shapes find template routing extremely valuable. A custom made template can be routed for one certain shape or several different shapes to complete a project. Template Material Templates should be made … Continue…

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Ipe Wood Cutting Tools

Tweet What is Ipe Ipe, pronounced (ee-pay) is an extremely dense hardwood from Brazil that is flame and water resistant. Often referred to as super-hardwood or ironwood, Ipe is similar to mahogany because it has few knots and is tightly … Continue…

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Is your machine really worthless?

Tweet I don’t know how many times a day I am on the phone with a customer who is looking for a brad point drill bit (threaded & straight shank) adjustable countersink, clamp-on counterbore or mulit-spur forstner drill bit. Always the same basic story- I have … Continue…

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Tenryu Plastic Cutting Saw Blade- Cool Customer Video

Tweet We had a wonderful customer the other day in a panic! It was late in the day, and he needed a Tenryu plastic cutting saw blade-PRP-255120AB3 shipped Next Day Air to North Carolina. Our normal cut-off time for shipping is … Continue…

Rip Cutting Using a Table Saw

Tweet The process of rip-cutting is often referred to as cutting parallel to or parallel with the grain. This is true when it comes to solid wood but when ripping plywood you’ll find yourself ripping across the surface grain. Perhaps … Continue…

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5 Methods to Create Precise Rabbet Cuts

Tweet Here are 5 tried & true methods to creating the most precise Rabbet cuts! Rabbets can be cut with a table saw (set up with a dado set or combination blade), router (handheld or table mounted), or jointer. The … Continue…

Replacement Portable Saw Mill Blade

Tweet Custom Replacement Portable Saw Mill Blades are now available at Carbide Processors.  We have taken into consideration your demand for superior quality as well as affordable pricing and now offer our saw blade expertise in creating your Replacement Portable … Continue…

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Oshlun Saw Blade and the No-Hassle Refund

Tweet Customer Service Done Right It’s kinda’ funny how we as customers (I include myself because I buy things too) get used to having to explain and apologize for merchandise that we want to return or get a refund on. … Continue…

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Bandsaw Blade Brazing

Tweet Bandsaw (Band Saw) Blade Brazing Six Easy Steps Clean and bevel the blade ends  Clamp blade ends to the fixture Spread the flux Braze Anneal Remove excess alloy Size of Blade With a very small, narrow blade it may … Continue…

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Cutting MDF and Plywood

Tweet Cutting MDF Compared to Plywood Both MDF and Plywood can be very tough on the cutting tools.  This is why it is important to use saw blades that are specifically designed for cutting MDF and Plywood.  Below is a link … Continue…

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