Is your machine really worthless?

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I don’t know how many times a day I am on the phone with a customer who is looking for a brad point drill bit (threaded & straight shank) adjustable countersink, clamp-on counterbore or mulit-spur forstner drill bit. Always the same basic story- I have this machine, it’s 10 – 30 years old and they don’t make the bits anymore. Can you help me?

One of the requirements of my business degree was to complete Accounting 101 & 102. I can remember the day the professor talked about depreciation. I remember sitting there at my desk thinking how crazy the system of depreciation is! The example used was a meat grinder for a local butcher shop. Although still working and in excellent condition, due to its age, the accounting world deemed it worthless. This particular machine was used daily and very valuable to the store owner and it’s employees.

These bits are still needed and being used by shops, companies and hobbyists. However, the original manufacture went out of business over 3 years ago. To quickly meet the demand for these parts we started offering our custom tooling services. These services include router bits, carbide parts, band-saw blades and custom saw blades. We have outstanding technicians that do their best on making quality, affordable parts.  But, custom tooling doesn’t always work for every customer.

We continued our diligent search for a supplier that produced these brad points, forstner bits & counterbores that so many suppliers had stopped making. The hardest part was finding a supplier that could make quality parts consistently.  A little over a year ago we were able to find a company that met our expectations and reflected our own “customer is first” moto. This manufacturer focuses on producing the most popular sizes and keeps a full inventory at all times.  It has been a positive experience for us and a blessing for those who bought a boring machine at a discount not realizing the parts were no longer being made.


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  1. Very insightful article. It is very important to get tooling services. Thanks for sharing this article.

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