Oshlun Saw Blade and the No-Hassle Refund

Tweet Customer Service Done Right It’s kinda’ funny how we as customers (I include myself because I buy things too) get used to having to explain and apologize for merchandise that we want to return or get a refund on. … Continue…

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Cutting MDF and Plywood

Tweet Cutting MDF Compared to Plywood Both MDF and Plywood can be very tough on the cutting tools.  This is why it is important to use saw blades that are specifically designed for cutting MDF and Plywood.  Below is a link … Continue…

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Brazing Flux- New SMART Flux

Tweet SMART Flux: new, advanced, cleaner and a great price. The new SMART Flux an environmentally conscious flux that has color changing technology. SMART Flux is boric acid free which complies with the new EU Community REACH regulations on hazardous chemicals. The absence of … Continue…

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Sawfilers, a Dying Trade?

Tweet What is a Sawfiler, who are they, what do they do and why is the trade slowly dying? The best response to these questions is to quote Thomas Walz: “Sawfilers design, build, repair and maintain ultra-precision tools and make … Continue…

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Super Scraper Tool

Tweet We really do only sell what we think are the finest tools and these super scrapers are no exception.  The Super Scraper Tool comes in 3 different sizes and is manufactured in the US.  They truly are incredible little tools.  … Continue…

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The Price of Carbide Saw Tips

Tweet Carbide, you need it now, but you want it at the best price possible, without compromising quality. I hear this phrase almost 5 days a week, not only from our customers, but also from the Carbide Processors Team too! … Continue…

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Braze alloy and what it does…

Tweet What Does Braze Alloy Do?  The immediate topic is brazing tungsten carbide to steel specifically for use in tools such as saw blades, router bits, etc.   Bonding Properties 30 years ago I was taught that braze alloy was … Continue…

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Steel and Carbide tools

Tweet The way tools are manufactured and the materials used in the manufacturing process have a great deal in determining the quality of the tool.  Often times, in tools made of steel or carbide there are other materials added to … Continue…

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