The Price of Carbide Saw Tips

Carbide, you need it now, but you want it at the best price possible, without compromising quality. I hear this phrase almost 5 days a week, not only from our customers, but also from the Carbide Processors Team too!

There is nothing wrong with trying to make a dollar, it’s the American Dream! And as Americans we have the right to the pursuit of happiness; and what better way to achieve that than being able to care for our families, pay the bills and have a little money left over!

As an employee who sells carbide saw tips to friends, Saw Filers, Saw Mills and internet customers, I know how very important the quality of carbide, the pretinning of that carbide and having the correct tip is! The Carbide Processors Team pays absolute attention to quality and size as we weigh and ship expensive carbide tips that could mean a day in the red for a mill, or a complete total shut down.

I am proud to say that I work for a local company whose owner and employees always stand behind his/her work and takes every precautionary step in insuring that our customers know they will receive the correct tip, in a timely fashion with the utmost quality in carbide and pretin.

Every time we receive a carbide stock order we look at each piece to make sure the size is correct. We have received shipments with mixed tips and it is extremely time consuming to separate and measure each tip. Our credibility is extremely important to us as individuals and as a thriving small business.

Redding 019        Can you tell which tip doesn’t belong?


Redding 020        I know you could tell the difference immediately!

You can imagine how frustrating it is to receive mixed tips and the amount of accuracy that is involved in counting or sorting them.

The same care is applied when we pretin carbide tips; each piece of braze is methodically placed on each individual tip after it has been coated with our high performance Purified Flux. A steady hand, a pair of tweezers, superior products  and uncompromising labor are all you need!

Redding 026

Once the carbide saw tips go through the “oven” and are heated up to about 1500 degrees, most of them go through a chemical wash to clean all the flux off. Once the carbide tips are dry we sort through them to make sure each tip was properly tinned, or to verify that none of the tips are compromised in any way.

The Purified Flux we use for brazing our carbide saw tips have had extra processing steps.  These extra steps take the black article out and leave the flux a rich, creamy brown color.

The original idea with flux was that it was to be applied on top of the braze area. No special effort was made to purify the flux because it worked well and most manufacturers wanted to keep costs down.

However the critical part of saw and tool brazing is what goes on inside the braze joint.  Ordinary flux is inexpensively made and has up to 10% odd size particles and non-active minerals in it.   These odd size particles and non-active minerals get lodged in the braze area and can seriously effect the strength of the braze joint. Purified flux is cleaner, smoother, creamier and much more effective.

As you can see we take the utmost care in providing you with quality carbide saw tips brazed with superior flux and processed by a company who genuinely cares.






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