Super Scraper Tool

We really do only sell what we think are the finest tools and these super scrapers are no exception.  The Super Scraper Tool comes in 3 different sizes and is manufactured in the US.  They truly are incredible little tools.  They feature a steel scraper body with a carbide tip so that they keep a sharp edge longer and don’t break, chip or dull.  The 1- 1/4″ Super Scraper  and 2″ Super Scrapers come with a wooden handle and are designed to fit comfortably and give a nice grip.  There is also a smaller super Scraper with a 5/8″ width scraper blade for smaller jobs or to fit into tighter places.

2" Super Scraper

We have always admired and thought highly of these super scrapers but did not realize exactly what type of abuse they were capable of taking until just recently.  A customer that absolutely loved using his super scraper, which was obvious the minute you saw the scraper, asked if he could send it in to be re-sharpened.  He had not actually purchased his Super Scraper from us, but the merchant he had purchased it from refused to help him or have it sharpened.  Since we also sell the Super Scrapers, we offered to help.

This 2″ Super Scraper had seen a lot of use and abuse.  It looked like the grown up equivalent to a child’s favorite mangeled stuffed comfort toy.  It was missing a rivet and the corners had actually just started to round and dull.  It took years and a lot of use to get it that way.  We offered to just replace the scraper instead of try to sharpen his current one and replace the rivet.

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For many of the Super Scrapers we send out, we get a lot of great feedback from the people using them.  One happy Super Scraper owner used it to clean up a concrete patch on his neighbors driveway.  He had wrote to us and said that “… i don’t think it dulled it one bit.”

Another customer is an auto technician and said he “[uses] it on a daily basis for cleaning cylinder heads and almost any other type of sealing surface.”  He said that it worked so well that several other techs in his shop have also bought one.

There is no way we would be able to afford to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on these Super Scrapers or be able to replace them even when they were not purchased from us if these Super Scrapers were not as incredible as they are.  This is by far the best scraper out there.  With a lifetime guarantee and free sharpening for life, this Super Scraper will be the last scraper tool you’ll ever have to buy.

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