Metal Cutting Saw Blades

There are many Advantages of a Metal Cutting Circular Saw.   This article written by Gene Rodriguez, shows the many ways that a metal cutting circular saw is a more efficient tool for cutting metals.

In the past, if you wanted to cut metal with a circular saw, you were limited to abrasive wheels. The development of the metal cutting circular saw and blades has changed this situation dramatically.

Metal cutting saw blades have been around for a while, but saws designed for their use are a recent development. A metal cutting circular saw is designed to run at slower speeds, which actually make the blades cut more efficiently.

Faster, But Slower

Metal cutting circular saw blades cut faster than other methods of cutting metal. Although a metal cutting blade enters the material slower, the completed cut time is faster.

The slower speeds and sharp blades of metal cutting circular saws also leave the material cooler after a cut. Cooler cut materials result in a faster work environment since you don’t have to wait for metal parts to cool before handling.

Cutting The Cost In Half

Metal cutting saws sharply reduce the cost per cut. A typical abrasive wheel averages about 60 cuts before it needs to be replaced. A metal cutting circular saw blade can cut many more than 2,000 cuts before it wears out. Even with a higher initial cost, a metal cutting blade reduces the cost per cut to half.

Cutting Metal Cleaner

A metal cutting circular saw blades leave a cleaner cut than an abrasive wheel. The design of a metal cutting blade result in a burr-free cut. You won’t have to stop after each cut to file down a cut piece.

Metal cutting circular saws are also built with metal clip collectors to limit the amount of debris associated with cutting metal. Although you can use a metal cutting blade with a conventional circular saw, the saw could become damaged if metal chips enter the motor housing.

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  1. I agree. I think circular metal cutting is more efficient than it used to be. You also made a good point on the circular blade being more cost effective. Thanks for the post.

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