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How to Build the Worlds Best Saw Blades

Worlds Best Saw Blade from Carbide Processors

Worlds Best Saw Blade from Carbide Processors

As you might suspect, building the worlds best saw blades means using the finest materials, the finest equipment and the finest people.

It also involves a huge attention to details. 

Here is one of the secrets we use to build the Worlds Best Saw Blades.   Ordinarily we don’t give away secrets like this but I think this one does such a beautiful job of explaining the tremendous care we take that I am willing to share it.

After the Cermet 2 (a blend of tungsten carbide and advanced materials) saw tips are brazed on the saw they have to be ground to make sharp.   This is somewhat harder than it sounds because the carbide is extremely wear resistant and tends to ‘push back’ against the grinding wheel.  The steel saw body needs to be stiff so it cuts straight but it also has to have a certain amount of give to make it tough enough. 

Ordinarily the teeth are ground from the top down. The CNC grinder is set to compensate for the carbide push back and for the give in the steel.  This works well until you come to an expansion slot in the saw blade. (Expansion slots are the slits in the rim of the saw blade that compensate for the fact that the outside of the saw blade grows more than the inside as a saw blade turns.) 

The teeth on either side of the expansion slot set on steel shoulders that give a little more  than the steel shoulders under the other teeth because they sit on either side of the slot.

One way to compensate for this is to grind the saw tips on either side of the slot up instead of down. Depending on your grinder, the kind of wheel and the situation on the exact saw blade you are grinding you may also want to reverse the direction of the wheel as you grind these two tips.  In some cases you will even grind the tips on either side of the expansion slot differently because of the difference in the amount of steel supporting the tip in that particular location.

One way to tell a really top quality saw blade from an average saw blade is to measure the side clearance of the tips on either side of the expansion slot.

It is not unusual to see these two tips sticking out on the side of the saw by as much as 0.0005” to 0.001” more than the rest of the tips.

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