Interesting fact about particle board

An interesting fact to keep in mind when cutting man made materials is the difference in the material depending on it’s origin.

 A great deal of man-made material is made of wood fiber, sawdust, etc. glued together.  That binder or glue very often includes clay as a filler.

In the United States Clay is anything that is less than 0.00015″ (15 /
100,000) inches in diameter.  In Europe the standard defines Clay as
anything that is less than 0.000079″ (79 / 1,000,000) inches in

The volume of a sphere is 4/3 x pi x r3

The volume of the largest clay particle by European standards is
0.000000000000258 cu. in.  The volume of the largest clay particle by
US standards is 0.000000000001767 cu. in.

The US particle has about 6.8 times the volume of the European particle.

There is also the fact that the clay used as a binder is a highly
variable material both as to particle size and particle constituents.

If you make the assumption that you are routing more sawing wood and
glue then you can have very short tool life. If you add in the fact
that you are cutting your way through very fine sand (which is what
clay is) and design your tools accordingly you can get much better
cuts and much longer tool life. 

Our World’s Best Saw blades are designed with a special Cermet Carbide Tip that stays sharp longer, even when cutting abrasive material.  World’s Best Saw Blades have up to 5 times longer tool life than standard carbide saw blades when cutting these materials.


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