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We are proud to sell several lines of American made tools.  We beleive all of the tools we sell are top of the line, but are pretty happy when these top quality tools are manufactured right here in the USA.  We have just added a new category to our online store labeled “American Made Tools”.  Our American Made Tools category features Americna made router bits, saw blades, router lifts and accessories, drills, hand tools, and cabide burs from manufacturers that are leaders in the industry becasue of their dedication to quality.   These manufacturers really are living the good old American dream.  Most of these companies started out in their garages or in little shops and grew to be Industry leaders producing high quality tools across the country and the nation.  Here are a few of the manufactures that we are proude to sell, that produce all their tools right here in America.  Find tools from these companies at great discounts on our site.

 For American Made Router Bits:

Whiteside Machine Router Bits are a well known and trusted brand.  Their consistency in producing quality router bits year after year have earned them special recognitioin in Fine Woodworking magazine and have allowed them to be rated #1 amongst other popular router bits in Fine Woodworking Magazines Head to Head Router Bit Test. 

Southeast Tool also put a gerat deal of time into manufacturing some of the finest cutting tools in the industry.  Their dedication to making great American made tools has also earned them recognition in Finewoodworking magazine as a “Best Value”. 

Vortex Tool has established a great reputation for being innovators and manufacturing high quality, and High performance CNC Router Bits and CNC Tools.  Vortex produces tools with cutting edges in various grades of carbide, stellite, high-speed steel and polycrystalline diamond.

For American Made Router lifts and accessories:

 Woodpeckers passion for woodworking is illuminated by their craftsmanship and innovative new tools which are consistantly produced with highest standards in quality.   Woodpeckers manufactures some of the industries best router tables, router lifts, router fences, and measuring & layout tools.

For American Made Saw Blades:

 World’s Best Saw Blades are our custom line of saw blades.  They are made with a special cermet-carbide saw tip that can last up to 10 times longer than standard carbide tips.  They are less prone to breaking or chipping and make cleaner cuts.  They last a much longer time between sharpenings, but can be sharpened the same way a standard carbide tipped saw blade is sharpened when the time finally comes.

For American Made Hand Tools:

 Bondhus is famous for making gorilla tough tools.  Bondhus (and Carbide Processors) are so confident in the quality of these tools that every Bondhus hand tool comes with an unconditional Lifetime gaurantee.  We doubt you’ll ever need it, but buy with the peace of mind that it is there. 

For American Made Drills:

 Triumph  Tool offers peak performance for twist drills, taps, dies, and special purpose tools.  Triumph Tools are know for quality, High Performance and endurance, making them a top choice for jobs with the most demanding repair and manianance applications.

For American Made carbide burs and rotary cutting tools:

 SGS Tool’s dedication to quality has kept them in business for over 50 years manufacturing the finest solid carbide rotary cutting tools.  SGS starts with the highest quality of raw materials and has multiple inspections throughout the manufacturing process.



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