Wiha Tools and German Quality

Wiha Tools Quality and Lucky, The Old Dog

Wiha Tools Quality and Lucky, The Old Dog

Wiha Tools – Excellent Quality at Great Discounts 

The Germans are famous for the engineering and the quality they put into their manufactured products.  Wiha tools are certainly an excellent example of wonderful engineering and beautiful quality.

The problem with explaining the quality of Wiha tools is that there are a great number of competitors out there who are copying them down to the colors used and even the shape of the handles.

In order to give you an idea of just how good Wiha tools are I’m going to talk about a brand-new, German designed and manufactured tool I just found.

The new tool is a carpet and fabric brush which I bought at Griot’s Garage.  They are an online store of automotive accessories and they just built a store that is right between my business and the bank so I pass it twice a day.

The new brush actually takes the dog hair out of the carpet in the Jeep.

I have an old Golden Retriever named Lucky.  He is a pretty good old dog but he has a lot of long, fine hair and he sheds like crazy.  I put some imitation Astroturf in the back of the Jeep for him.  His hair works its way down into the Astroturf as well as getting all over the fabric and the carpet of the Jeep.

I tried a lot of different brushes and even some sort of goofy, sticky paper stuff to get the dog hair up. Nothing worked until I got this brush from Griot’s garage.

The bristles on this brush look like rubber but they’re not. They’re a special material made out of the sap from different kinds of trees. The bristles have a special ‘V’ shape.  And it works. And it works beautifully.

The first reason this is an example of German engineering and manufacturing is that the tool works extremely well. Then you get into something like the added squeegee blade on the side of the brush, which is nice but not essential. This added bonus feature is typical of German engineering.  And the handle swivels. You can swivel the handle either 90° left or right and it locks in place. I have squeegees. I do believe this is the first brush I have ever owned with a swiveling handle. This is sort of over-the-top but I love the idea.

The concept behind this brush and German engineering overall is that “If we are going to make something, let’s make it the best in the world and better than anything that came before.”

This is why we love the German dedication to superior engineering and magnificent manufacturing.

You can see this same thing in the Wiha pliers and everything else Wiha manufacturers.

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