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Wera hand tools are manufactured for professionals for use in industrial applications.  Wera has spent decades turning ideas into innovative new solutions in the screwdriving world.  From there diamond tipped bits, to their kraftform screwdrivers with ergonomic handles, Wera has made it their job to make your job easier.   

Here are some of Wera’s top rated tools that helped to earn them recognition and several awards as innovators in the hand tool business.

The Joker Wrench:

Wera’s Joker Wrench is a ratcheting combination wrench with a unique holding function that reduces the risk of dropping nuts and bolts and prevents slipping.  It has a return angle of only 30 deg at the open end to avoid time consuming flipping of the wrench during fastening jobs.


Kraftform Screwdrivers:

Wera’s Kraftform screwdriver is uniquely designed to give you the highest amount of torque, while maintiaining the highest level of comfort.  With it’s hard and soft zones, and unique shape, it makes any screwdriving task much more bearable.


Zyklop Ratchet:

The Zyklop Ratchet’s unique design has earned Wera the IF Product Design award for 2009 and the Red Dot Design Award in 2010.  Wera’s Zyklop Ratchet combines a Fine-Tooth Ratchet, a Flex-Head Ratchet, an Angle Ratchet, Quick-Release Ratchet, Power Ratchet, and even has a screwdriver function. 


The Rapidaptor:

The Rapidaptor is Wera’s compact multi-function tool.  The Rapidaptor offers easily inserted and self-locking bits.  There are no extra tools needed to remove the bits, and even small bits can be changed easily.  The Wera Rapidaptor also features a Free-spinning outer sleeve that stabilizes the electric screwdriver during fastening.


The Koloss:

The Koloss is Wera’s ratchet with a hammer.  The Koloss is specially designed to be able to take any blow without damaging or harming the ratchet head. 


BiTorsion Bits:

Wera’s BiTorsion bits are designed for greater durability.  They have gone through a special tempering process to reduce the hardness of the shaft by about 20% compared to the drive end.  This allows the torsion zone to cushion higher impacts.  There is also a torsion spring integrated into the BiTorsion holder to cushion smaller impacts.


Impaktor Bits:

Wera’s Impaktor technology ensures a long tool life, even under the most demanding conditions.  Wera’s Impaktor bits are designed to be used with conventional impact drivers.

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