Bondhus Nut Drivers

Bondhus Nut Drivers 

Bondhus Nut Driver Sets

Bondhus Nut Drivers

I have two brand-new sets of Bondhus nut drivers and I am pretty thrilled.

I hate to throw away tools, no matter how bad or cheap or worn they are.  I tend to keep them and make do with them if they are for my personal use.  If it is something for my staff or the customer I want them to have the very best tool for the job. I am slowly coming to the realization that perhaps I too should have the very best tool for the job.

I have been using nut drivers that are remainders of sets going back maybe 30 years. Some of the most popular sizes are missing.  The ones that are left tend to have a little rust, chewed up handles and the sizes are hard to find and read.

Bondhus ran a sale on nut drivers and I bought myself a set of inch and a set of metric. And some of the equipment I designed it would be really nice to have two nut drivers of the same size instead of using a nut driver and an adjustable wrench but that seems like an extravagance.

I have some funny ideas about money. The amount of money I spent on a grandchild’s birthday present seems like a lot of money if I am thinking about buying something for myself.

I am a huge believer in having the very best tools for my staff in for customers because the best tools for the job make the job much safer and much faster.

For myself it is always been a matter of getting by with something cheap. I’ve hurt myself a couple times with cheap tools without learning anything about cheap tools. I finally ripped my right bicep loose pulling on a wrench that was too short and now I know that I too should use the very best tools.

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Bondhus Nut Drivers with Dog

Bondhus Nut Drivers with Dog

P.S. I put the new Bondhus nut driver sets and the old nut drivers on the floor so I could take a picture looking down on them. Lucky, the dog, was sure it was time to play.  Two things.  1.  I did take some time to play with Lucky.  2.  He’s not nearly as sad as he looks. When I started adopting old Golden Retrievers they warned me not to be taken in by the big brown eyes.

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